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Our Project Bureau Is Your Partner In Custom Machine Design & Manufacturing

We find a solution for your unique of accustomed problems. 

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The core of our team is mechanical engineers with with experience of machine design, welded structures, sheet-metal parts, mechatronics, experimental mechanics, component testing and data processing. We create the control and data analysis programs for our test equipment ourselves.

Assembling Stations

We design and build manual or semi automatic assembling stations for series production. We develop workstation components in order to improve productivity or to release operator’s load.

Technical Calculations

According to the highest industrial standards we perform technical calculations to ensure reliability of a specific component or to certificate compliance. We use the tool that best fits for the given challenge. Such as MathCAD, Matlab, ANSYS or even Excel. We are coding our

Custom Machines

On the basis of perpetual activity of investigation, understanding, improving and verification we are builders of custom machines. The whole process is supervised by a project manager who is responsible for the targets set by you. We have gained experience in many areas of the industry, learning from each of our mistakes.

About Us, And Why We Are The Most Suitable For Your Next Project

We worked for a German international machinery company for 15 years before starting this business. We know the need to work with an international project team in compliance with the company’s internal regulations and applicable industry standards. This valuable experience also allows us, as an outsider, to bring flexibility to your developments that a large corporate environment does not allow.

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